June 16: MarkMail and Mark Logic Server by Jason Hunter

Title: MarkMail and Mark Logic Server by Jason Hunter

Register: No RSVP this time, just show up. Pizza and drinks will be provided.

Description: The topic is “How we built MarkMail: the decisions and approaches to all aspects of building and maintaining a high traffic website on Mark Logic.”

If you’re not familiar with the MarkMail web site, you definitely should take a look: http://www.markmail.org. MarkMail is a major website and a free service for searching mailing list archives powered by MarkLogic Server. There will also be a short (15 min) overview of Mark Logic.

We are cross-listing with the first Nova MarkLogic User’s Group (Nova MUG). Time is 7:00 PM at FGM in Reston (1201 Sunset Hills Road, Suite 400, Reston, VA 20190). People can arrive at 6:30 PM.

Speaker: We are thrilled to have Jason Hunter speaking. Jason is a great speaker, who has been a regular at the No Fluff conferences, and others. I have seen his intro to XML databases and it was very good, so I am interested in this one for sure.

When: Tuesday, June 16, 2009 06:30 PM – 9 PM (talk at 7)

FGM, Inc.
12021 Sunset Hills Road
Suite 400
Reston, VA 20190

Ph.: 703.727.1307 and I (Gray) or James (the NovaMUG leader) will let you in


One Response to June 16: MarkMail and Mark Logic Server by Jason Hunter

  1. Andy Zhang says:

    Hi Jason:

    I am so happy to know that you and other professionals are organizing this (first) MarkLogic user group. In the past year, I have been helping people and organizations to embrace MarkLogic. I can’t wait to attend one of your future meetings.

    Recently, my book–Beginning Mark Logic with XQuery and MarkLogic Server is published. This is the first book on the market about MarkLogic. I received congratulation emails form executives at Mark Logic too. You can find it on Amazon.com, Barnes & Nobel, and many other major booksellers.


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