Feb 9: Fortify your JSF with JSF 2.0! by Michael Fons (sold out)

December 22, 2010

Title: Fortify your JSF with JSF 2.0! by Michael Fons

Register: Click here!

When: Weds Feb 9, 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Near Infinity Corporation
1881 Campus Commons Drive
Suite 203 (the training center)
Reston, VA 20191

Parking: There should be plenty of parking in the garage behind or out in front of the building.

Food: Pizza and Liquid Refreshments will be provided by Near Infinity Corporation.

Description: Many JSF Developers have not thrived with JSF 1.1 and 1.2, because of deficiencies in the language in those versions. But Java professional worldwide have invigorated the JSF 2.0 redo. JSF 1.2 turned out to be weak in many areas: it needed a good built-in templating structure, was awkward when it came to obtaining static resources, and needed additional event hooks; JSF 1.2 also needed Ajax integration, the ability to do composite components, to save state more efficiently, to use POST-REDIRECT-GET action instead of POST action, and a host of other smaller improvements. JSF 2.0 has infused JSF with life and given JSF back its edge by addressing these and other deficiencies. The Java EE community today now builds its health by adopting JSF 2.0!

Speaker: Michael A. Fons, who specializes in JSF and ADF development, lives with his family in Denver, CO and works in Fairfax, VA for Aderas as a ADF developer. He became an Oracle ACE in 2/2010, and has worked with Oracle products his whole 20-year programming career. Michael has spent the last 9 years focusing on web development, Java, J2EE and ADF. He presented at Oracle Open World 2009 on the subject of JSF Custom Components, and also presented in the Virginia area at NoVAJUG, a local Java User’s Group. Throughout his career Michael has contributed to public technical forums and organizations and has presented many times in Denver, CO at RMOUG Training Days. He has also worked with ODTUG in the past as a editor/columnist for their technical journal.

Call 703 727-1307 (Gray’s cell phone) if you have trouble getting in.


Jan 18: Launching Scalable Apps with GWT 2.1 and Google App Engine by David Chandler (sold out)

December 20, 2010

What: NovaJUG/GTUG Meeting featuring a presentation on “Launching Scalable Apps with GWT 2.1 and Google App Engine” by David Chandler of the Atlanta Google Web Toolkit Team.

Register: via the GTUG Meetup Page

When: Tues Jan 18, 6:30 PM – 9:00 PM

Sponsor: Pizza and Liquid Refreshments will be provided by Google. The location will be provided by OPower. Thanks!

Description: Google Web Toolkit (GWT) lets you build and optimize rich browser-based apps without having to be an expert in browser quirks, XMLHttpRequest, or JavaScript. Google AppEngine lets you build and host scalable Web applications written in Python or Java on Google’s infrastructure. In this talk, we’ll look at how to build and deploy a GWT+GAE application with Google Plugin for Eclipse and the GWT 2.1 application framework: MVP architecture with Activities and Places, persistence layer with RequestFactory and the GAE Datastore, and UI data binding with the Editor framework. We’ll also take a peek at GWT
Designer for Eclipse and performance optimization with SpeedTracer.

Speaker: David Chandler works with the Google Web Toolkit Team in Atlanta. An electrical engineer by training, Chandler got hooked on developing database Web applications in the days of NCSA Mosaic and has since written Web applications professionally in a variety of languages, including C, perl, ksh, ColdFusion, Java, JSF, and GWT. Prior to joining Google, Chandler worked on Internet banking applications with Intuit and launched a non-profit startup built with GWT and AppEngine. Chandler holds a patent on a method of organizing hierarchical data in a relational database and blogs about Java Web development at turbomanage.wordpress.com.

Location: OPower HQ – 1515 North Courthouse Road, on the 6th floor, in Arlington- right off the Orange Line of the DC Metro (Courthouse Stop)

Parking: There should be plenty of parking in the garage in the building (they charge, of course) or in the surrounding streets. Or take the Metro and leave the car at home!

After Party!: Ireland’s Four Courts is across the street!

Call 703 727-1307 (Gray’s cell phone) if you have trouble getting in.