Feb 23: Scooter Framework by John Chen

February 22, 2010

Meeting: Scooter Framework by John Chen

When at Where: Feb 23th from 6:30 PM – 9 PM at OPower in Arlington, VA

1515 N Courthouse Rd, Suite 610
Arlington VA 22201

OPower is just one block from the courthouse metro stop.

Register: Click Here!.

This meeting is sponsored by OPOWER, who will be providing food and drinks.

Abstract: Abstract: J2EE development is slow and painful. There are some creditable efforts in the Java community (such as Grails, JRuby, Play!) to eliminate the pain. However, none of them solves the problem without introducing new pain. In this presentation, John will introduce you Scooter Framework, a highly productive, easy to use and open-source J2EE Web application framework. John will show you the advantages of Scooter over other frameworks (including Ruby on Rails) and demonstrate how to build RESTful database-backed web applications in minutes with Java. The advantage of using Active Record pattern over DAO will also be discussed.

Bio: John Chen is founder of open source company Amazing Force Corporation (www.amazingforce.com). He has been providing J2EE consulting work to many companies in Washington DC Metro area over the past 10 years. John likes to try new ways to make his Java programming life easier and happier.