July 14: Mule ESB by Glenn Pruitt

Title: Mule ESB by Glenn Pruitt

Register: Click Here to Register.

Pizza and soft drinks will be provided.

Description: Mule® is the world’s most widely used open source Enterprise Service Bus (ESB). Designed to support high-performance, multi-protocol transactions between heterogeneous systems and services, Mule provides the basis for service oriented architecture (SOA). Yep, that previous paragraph comes directly from the MuleSource website – you could tell couldn’t you? Sales-speak aside, I hope to answer questions like; “What is an ESB?”, “Why would I want one?” and “What capabilities does Mule provide?” I will also show off some of Mule’s features by building a web service that will demonstrate routing, transformation, and protocol adaptation.

Speaker: Glenn has been designing and developing software systems for the past 18 years. While working primarily in the Defense industry, he has also had brief involvement with intelligent transportation systems, and commercial logistics. He began working with Java in 1997 when version 1.0 was released.

When: Tuesday, July 14, 2009 06:30 PM – 9 PM (talk at 7)

FGM, Inc.
12021 Sunset Hills Road
Suite 400
Reston, VA 20190

Ph.: 703.727.1307 and I (Gray) will let you in


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