May 19: Conversations and page flows on the JavaServer Faces platform by Dan Allen

May 6, 2009

Title: Conversations and page flows on the JavaServer Faces platform

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Description: The talk consists of four parts: the purpose of a page flow and how it works, how page flows are implemented in Seam, how they are implemented in Spring Web Flow, and finally a comparison between the two frameworks. I use the example of a pre-flight checkin to demonstrate how to develop a page flow with each frameworks, highlighting unique features such as Seam’s workspaces and Spring Web Flow’s partial page updates. Throughout the talk, there is an underlying theme of an extended persistence context and its role in a database-oriented page flow. The talk briefly visits Seam’s ad-hoc conversations and how they differ from a page flow.

The target audience is anyone developing an application that involves a sequence of steps or who struggles with maintaining state in a Web application.

Bio: Dan Allen is a member of the Seam project team at JBoss/Red Hat, author of Seam in Action and frequent speaker at major industry conferences such as Jazoon, Devoxx, and JSFOne. Dan is known for his passionate work, with over eight years of development experience using technologies that include Java frameworks (Seam, JSF, EJB3, Hibernate, Spring, Struts), testing frameworks (JUnit, TestNG), JavaScript and DOM scripting, CSS and page layouts, Maven 2, Ant, Groovy, and many others.

Quickly after graduating from college, Dan became captivated by the world of free and open source software, which is how he got his start in software development. He soon discovered the combination of Linux and the Java EE platform to be the ideal blend on which to build his professional career. In his search for a robust Web framework, Dan happened upon JBoss Seam, which was quickly granted this most coveted spot in his development toolbox. Dan is also a dedicated open source and Linux advocate and blogs about his experiences regularly. You can keep up with his discoveries by subscribing to his blog.

When: Tuesday, May 19, 2009 06:30 PM – 9 PM

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12021 Sunset Hills Road
Suite 400
Reston, VA 20190

Ph.: 703.727.1307 and I (Gray) will let you in