May 24: Big Data and the Cloud by Patrick Chanezon

What: Big Data and the Cloud by Patrick Chanezon

Register: This is a joint event with the NCAGTUG so register via their Meetup page.

Don’t miss this event if you are into Big Data and Cloud.

Speaker: Patrick Chanezon – Google Developer Relations Manager – Cloud Platform

Patrick joined Google in 2005, he manages the Cloud and Tools Developer Relations team in San Francisco. Previously he has been a Developer Advocate, building and growing developer ecosystems for HTML5, OpenSocial, Google Checkout and the AdWords API.

Previously he spent 5 years at Sun Microsystems as a software architect working on Sun Portal Server, blogs and syndication feeds, and received the CEO award for helping launch Previously he spent 5 years at AOL and Netscape where he managed the MyNetscape Portal, and 2 years at Accenture as a Lotus Notes guru. He co-created the ROME open source project, and the OSSGTP group in France.

Presentation Description: Google is a Data business: over the past few years, many of the tools Google created to store, query, analyze, visualize its data, have been exposed to developers as services. This talk will give you an overview of Google services for Data Crunchers and Web Semantic 3.0 professionals:

– Google Storage for developers
– BigQuery, fast interactive queries on Terabytes of data
– Machine Learning API: Machine Learning made easy
– Google App Engine, exposing Data APIs is a very common use case for App Engine
– Visualization API: many cool visualization components
– Freebase, An entity graph of people, places and things, built by a community that loves open data.
– Google Refine, a power tool to work with messy data

Sponsor: Location is sponsored by Near Infinity Corporation

PS: Please update your RSVP accordingly to accomodate others. We have lot of no-shows in the past few events which affects our food plan!! Hope you undersand!!


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