Oct 20: How to Convince Your Boss to Let You Use Scala by Dave Copeland

Title: How to Convince Your Boss to Let You Use Scala by Dave Copeland

Register: Click here to register.

When: Weds Oct 20, 6:30 PM – 9:00 PM

Location: OPower HQ – 1515 North Courthouse Road, on the 6th floor, in Arlington- right off the Orange Line of the DC Metro (Courthouse Stop)

Parking: There should be plenty of parking in the garage behind or out in front of the building.

Sponsor: Food and Liquid Refreshments will be provided by OPOWER (pizza and sodas).

Description: Introducing new languages into an organization is always difficult. The risks are often insurmountable, especially in a well-run organization. Scala presents further challenges to Java developers, as it represents a fundamentally different way of programming. Dave will present a problem his team faced, the Java solution and the Scala solution that we ultimately adopted. I will show that Scala did provide a better solution, and identify the techniques I used to
mitigate the risks our team identified. These techniques involve a combination of enhanced documentation, a focused problem domain, an effective DSL design, and explicit use of a small but expressive subset of Scala’s features.

This will be of interest both to the Scala community (as a means of identifying some challenges faced by adopters) as well as Scala enthusiasts and Java developers, who may want to apply Scala to better
solve their organizations’ problems, but aren’t sure where to start.

Speaker: Dave Copeland has fifteen years of software engineering experience, ranging from back-end programmer, UI developer, and department manager. He began his career in C and C++, helped transition a team of developers to Java, and has built several enterprise systems. At OPOWER, Dave helps lead the expansion of OPOWER’s smart grid product and is responsible for the architecture, design, and delivery of OPOWER’s web product, where his team uses a combination of Java, Ruby, and Scala to help deliver new features on a monthly basis. The use of Scala was the subject of his recent talk at the first annual ScalaDays conference in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Call 703 727-1307 (Gray’s cell phone) if you have trouble getting in.


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