Jun 16: Spring 3.0 Overview by Scott Leberknight

Meeting: Spring 3.0 Overview by Scott Leberknight

When at Where: Weds June 16th from 6:30 PM – 9 PM at the Oracle Theater in Reston, VA (presentation begins at 7:00 PM)

1900 Oracle Way
Reston , VA 20190

Call 703 727-1307 once there, if you have trouble getting in. Bring an ID to make sure you can get signed in OK. There is plenty of parking around the building.

Register: Click here!.

Sponsor: This meeting is sponsored by Near Infinity, whose generous yearly sponsorship of the NovaJUG will be providing pizza and soft drinks.

Description: The Spring framework has simplified Java enterprise and web development since 2003, and has been a major innovator in improving and simplifying Java server-side programming since its inception. This session will look at the new features in Spring 3.0.

Spring 3.0 refactored much of the Spring core so it will no longer run on Java 1.4 and earlier, meaning it is optimized for Java 5 and beyond. Spring 3.0 includes several notable new features like the expression language (EL), support for REST, Spring MVC improvements including @PathParam and URI templates, and much more. In addition, Spring 3.0 will deprecate and remove from the Spring core several APIs like the original Spring MVC controller hierarchy and JUnit 3.8 support. There is also new support to make scheduling jobs cleaner and easier.

Speaker: Scott is Chief Architect at Near Infinity Corporation, an enterprise software development and consulting services company based in Reston, Virginia. He has been developing enterprise and web applications for 14 years professionally, and has developed applications using Java, Ruby, Groovy, and even an iPhone application with Objective-C. His main areas of interest include alternative persistence technologies, object-oriented design, system architecture, testing, and frameworks like Spring, Hibernate, and Ruby on Rails. In addition, Scott enjoys learning new languages to make himself a better and more well-rounded developer a la The Pragmatic Programmers’ advice to “learn one language per year.”

Scott holds a B.S. in Engineering Science and Mechanics from Virginia Tech, and an M. Eng. in Systems Engineering from the University of Maryland. Scott speaks at the No Fluff Just Stuff Symposiums and various other conferences. In his (sparse) spare time, Scott enjoys spending time with his wife, three children, and cat. He also tries to find time to play soccer, go snowboarding, and mountain bike whenever he can.


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