Jan 6: An Evening with Java Champion Kirk Pepperdine – “Concurrency & Performance”

An Evening with Java Champion Kirk Pepperdine – “Concurrency & Performance”

When at Where: Jan 6th from 6:30 PM – 9 PM at Sun Microsystems, McLean Office

Sun Microsystems, McLean Office
7900 Westpark Dr
1st Floor, Theodore Room #1080
Mclean, VA 22102

Register: Click Here!.

Sun Microsystems, Inc. and Bridge Education are bringing renowned Java Champion Kirk Pepperdine from Europe to deliver his Java Performance Tuning Course in North America. While he is in the DC area we will be hosting a free evening seminar in conjunction with the NovaJUG and you are invited! Please register!

Abstract: The move from single to multi-core is a silent revolution. It has happened without Java developers taking much notice. Part of this is because Java developers have been writing multi-threaded applications for a long time. Even so, multi-core is a game changing development and with a 1000 core CPUs on the event horizon, it’s one that we must adapt to if we are to remain competitive. In this talk we will explore some of the developments that are taking place in the JVM, and in the JDK to help us. We will also look at techniques we can use to improve the performance of our applications running on machines with 10s or even 100s of CPUs.

Kirk Pepperdine, a Sun Java Champion since September 2005, is a primary contributor and consultant to javaperformancetuning.com, which is widely regarded as the premier site for information about Java Performance Tuning. Kirk is also the co-author of Ant Developer’s Handbook.

In addition to this free Seminar, Sun is offering a full Java Performance Tuning Workshop.
The Course: The Java Performance Tuning Workshop (EXL-2025)
In this 4-day Extreme Learning Workshop, you will learn a blend of tuning methodology, performance theory and practical tips on solving difficult performance problems. You will have an opportunity to hone your skills on a series of labs that are derived from real problems found during our consulting experience. The tools learned are all freely available or open source and will equip you to immediately apply what you have learned in your workplace. No more suffering through slow, under-performing applications. You will learn how to develop code with performance as the goal and the end user in mind.

Expert: Kirk Pepperdine – Java Champion and Java Performance Tuning Expert

» Washington, DC — January 5th – 8th
» San Francisco, CA — January 11th – 14th
» Atlanta, GA — February 9th – 12th
» Ottawa, ON — February 22nd – 25th
» Toronto, ON — March 22nd – 25th
» Sacramento, CA — April 12th – 15th
» Vancouver, BC — May 10th – 13th
» San Francisco, CA — June 14th – 17th

Learn More: Course Information
Extreme Learning: Click Here!
Bridge Education: Click Here!
866.322.3262 · info@bridgeme.com


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