Sept 9: Let’s Make Some JSF Custom Components! by Michael A. Fons

Title: Let’s Make Some JSF Custom Components! by Michael A. Fons

When: September 9, 6:30 PM – 9:00 PM

Register: Click here to register.


Have you ever asked, ‘How does one capitalize on JSF’s flexibility to do AJAX and custom component development?’ With JSF, you can encapsulate all aspects of web development; but you must first understand JSF custom component development. Come; explore the wonders of TLD’s and the data elements therein! Come learn about how to register components and renderers in faces-config! Come seek meaning in the tantalizing and terrible world of tag and component classes! Watch these motley pieces talk to one another, and the glorious presentation (and demos) that result! In so doing, you may just tame the JSF beast.


Michael A. Fons is an ADF/JSF enthusiast, with 2.5 years professional experience with ADF/JSF, 7 years professional Java experience and 18 years of SQL/PL-SQL professional experience. He has been a web developer for 9 years and is certified with Brainbench Java 2 Fundamentals as of 7/10/2008 with an 86-percentile score (3.9 out of 5). He has spent the last 3 years immersing himself in ADF/JSF technology through working withADF/JSF professionally, presenting at local user group conferences, giving ADF brownbags, reading/studying the 1160-page 10g ADF Developer’s Guide from Oracle (cover to cover), as well as other related titles by Peter Koletzke, Dr. Paul Dorsey, Chris Schalk and Ed Burns, and Deepak Vohra. He is now starting on the Oracle’s new Fusion Developer Guide, version 11. He is also a regular contributor of Vik Kumar’s LinkedIn ADF discussion groups, and tries to contribute to the Oracle JDeveloper forum when he can. He also creates regular entries in his own ADF/JSF blog:


FGM, Inc
12021 Sunset Hills Rd, Suite 400
Reston, VA 20175
Call 703 727-1307 to get in (the outside door is locked after 6 PM).


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